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Frequently asked questions

Mechanics, Vehicle owners, Companies in search of vehicle and fleet management services and every other person. Transol is open to every user of the transol eco-system.
Sign up and Registration is free, but services rendered by Transol are paid for. Transol also offers subscription plans for premium services and elevated assurance.
Yes! You can be a certified mechanic and sign up as a user, but that does not imply free services as you would be required to fulfil all requirements as a regular user.
After complete validation of PROOF that the cause of damage to the vehicle is from a CERTIFIED Transol Ranger and not a 3rd party mechanic, Transol would take full responsibility of restoring damages.
No! All of Transol's operations and transactions would be carried out solely online (including mechanics diagnosis and field work). You would need an active internet connection to access the platform for proper data representation
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